About us

Experience and professionalism at your service

Thanks to more than 30 years experience in the sector and a spirit of continuous growth and training, Albimec is able to offer the best solutions in the field of precision machining. It is normal for us to produce with tolerances in grades 7 and 6.

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The story

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The owner of Albimec began his working experience in a garage, then in 1987 he founded a company together with a friend. He went on to become a sole proprietor and in 2010, with the addition of his son, Albimec was born.

Year after year, the company has seen its workload increase, investing its resources in growth, staff training and technological development.

Albimec today

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Today Albimec is made up of a young, dynamic and cohesive team, eager to grow and improve constantly through the acquisition of high-performance machines and continuous learning.

The sectors in which we operate

Over the years, we have gained considerable experience in the production of turned parts for gear wheels and pinions, both cylindrical and conical, components for dental units, parts for immersion pumps, parts for food processing machines and general mechanical work.

Transmission components and devices
Electric Pumps
Competitive model-making
Earthmoving machines
Agricultural machines