qualita 1 2022

Free Pass!

Our years of experience and the professionalism of our quality staff allow us to guarantee a high level of quality and have enabled us to obtain a Free Pass for certain types of products with several customers and, if specifically requested, the Capability Report.


Our equipment
  • Optical Measurement (Vicivision MTL-1)
  • Roundness measurement instrument (SM-R100)
  • Profile projector (Mitutoyo PH-3500)
  • Profile projector (Mitutoyo PJ-300)
  • Digital Microscope Video
  • Profilometers (Alpa SM RT-60)
  • Altimeter (Tesa MicroHite 600)
  • Durometer (Officine Galileo DG 202)
  • External/internal micrometers Gauges
  • Go not go Gauges
  • Plugs and threaded go not go rings

Our strengths

Precision machining

Experience, meticulousness and custom-made solutions
About us

Attention to details

From product packaging to quality reports, we leave nothing to chance.